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Pure Land is a form of Mahayana Buddhism. While widely practiced in Asia, its roots are only starting to form
in the West. Its historical roots extend all the way to ancient India. We generally think in terms of one Buddha,
Shakyamuni, who lived in India approx twenty five hundred years ago. But since any sentient being can become
enlightened and innumerable numbers have there are innumerable Buddhas. Shakyamuni Buddha explained that
after his enlightenment that he has not only seen his past lifetimes but that he had seen how the future would
unfold. In that future he saw that people in our time would have more afflictions, worries and wandering thoughts.

Shakyamuni knew that to end one's problems and attain lasting happiness many people would need the help of
Amitabha Buddha for he had created an ideal environment in which we could learn from and practice with the
wisest of beings. It is a land of peace, equality and joy where we can listen to the teachings of Bodhisattvas and
Amitabha Buddha. Knowing how approapriate this land would  be for us Shakyamuni taught about Pure Land

Chanting or reciting a Buddha's name, in our case the name  of Amitabha Buddha (Amituofo in Chinese) is the
foundation of our practice. Amituofo primarily means "Buddha of Infinite Light and Infinite Life". When we chant
or recite the sound of Amituofo arises in our mind. Then our minds focus on and embrace that sound. The recitation
is very powerful, for as the mind concentrates on the sound of Amituofo our selfish and intolerant thoughts are replaced
with this single pure thought of the name of a Buddha. After Amituofo has been in our mind continuously for a long time
and as we improve our thoughts and actions our true nature which is the same as that of the Buddhas will gradually
be uncovered.

If we have made the vow to do so and have belief in the teachings of the Buddhas we will have progressed on our
path to forever have a Buddhas mind and heart of wisdom and compassion so that we can be of benefit to all beings
who wish our help. Ultimately our vows to be born into the Pure Land , our unwavering belief and our moral daily living
as well as our chanting/recitation will enable us to attain the perfect enlightenment that is Buddhahood. And on a daily
basis we will continue to benefit as our minds become more sincere and kind.